What people are saying... 

Since our first public reading at Playwrights' Workshop Montreal, through four workshop presentations in Toronto, a premiere at the undercurrents festival in Ottawa (the best-selling show in the festival's 6-year history), and a tour of rural Ontario and British Columbia, GETTING TO ROOM TEMPERATURE has moved people, made them laugh, cry and think.

"Theatre and storytelling can be a gentle, powerful and reflective way to explore difficult issues facing our society. Presenting the performance of Getting to Room Temperature created a wonderful opportunity for our theatre to engage with medical, social and educational service organisations within our community. Arthur Milner’s disarming humour and personal story allows the audience to connect with this difficult topic. Robert Bockstael’s performance was masterful!"

— Erin Kennedy, Artistic Director, Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre

And here are several more thoughts from audience members across Canada...

"This is to tell you how much I enjoyed your wonderful new play last night. Undoubtedly it was by far the best piece of theatre I have seen in a very, very long time. I found it deep, challenging, thought provoking, humorous, and really well written. It was also beautifully performed by Robert Bockstael, but I felt the material was so very good that I could have performed it successfully myself. You tackled a very difficult subject and handled it superbly."

"Generous, timely, intelligent, funny, heartfelt and always engaging."

"What seemed apparent to me was the need for us to have our stories told and listened to. It was remarkable how many people participated in the talkback. The dialogue underscored how facing the unknown around death and dying is so difficult. So, thank you Arthur and Bob. You are helping us with your work, which was vulnerable, funny, entertaining and educational, and allowed Rose, Arthur's mother, to have some voice."

"It's beautiful. Honest, simple, artful, truthful."

"Hi, [name]. Hope all is well with you. I saw Getting to Room Temperature by Arthur Milner this past Saturday afternoon, along with the Talk Back. It was a wonderful, painful, thought-provoking experience. Went with two other friends and we agreed this is a terrific play, that should be seen widely. The theatre was sold out for this last performance and most stayed behind for the talk back. That says a lot and the comments, questions indicated how the play resonated with a wide variety of people, background and ages. I don't know whether you saw this undercurrents play or not, but i do think it's ideal for [theatre company]."

And the media joined in …

"The weighty material flows through Robert Bockstael's seemingly effortless delivery weaving a believable humor with poignant remembrances and effective arguments."
— Jennifer Cavanagh, Apartment 613

"Bockstael controlled the mood of the audience throughout the performance with aplomb, drawing us through humour into the serious emotional business of death and back out the other side."
— Wes Babcock, New Ottawa Critics

"The provocative one-man show ... targets our sense of right and wrong. Milner, through the accessible voice of Bockstael, wraps his questions in warm anecdotes about his family, sprinkles the show with humour, and lovingly depicts his vital, opinionated mother."
— Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen

"Robert Bockstael is a wonderful performer and a fantastic storyteller. It’s very intimate. It was polished, it was funny ... but absolutely important to discuss, and he did a fantastic job bringing it to light. And it became a story about family, it became just about his relationship to his mother and the people around him — and a lot of light and a joy of life."
— Jessica Ruano, Just Another Gala, Your Ottawa Theatre Podcast